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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Off the topic, but got to say this: The Z4MC is a fantastic car and there is really nothing wrong in matching its performance. Having said that, there is also no match to talk about either cause the 1M is quicker than the Z4MC in every single performance department and on every single track including the Ring. I am yet to see any numbers of a stock Z4MC equal or better than the 1M. Not too much difference but there is still some. Just for the record and no intention to take the discussion somewhere unnecessary.
Mean the 'ring times. Both 8:15. I am sure the 1 series M is faster, it should be given it is 6 years newer, only weighs ~150lbs more and has more torque, HP, better tires etc. Stock acceleration is about the same too... however the N54 / 55 are much more tunable.
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