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These look awesome bud, such a neat finish! Thanks for the tips and advice, and for taking time to take some pictures.

I had my first go today, and failed miserably. I used a low grade sand paper to remove the chrome, then washed it clean, dried it, and then had a go with a first coat. I sprayed in linear motions from one end all the way to the other, and did it twice for a single coat, but it turned out to be too much since it started dripping. Once dried I used a finer paper to sand down the thicker areas and then rewashed and gave it a second coat, but now its completely uneven and the areas I sanded to remove the drops are now still exposed. I look at how perfect my MR one from Bimmian is and I realise how much I still have to learn about being able to use spray paints effectively lol.

I'll strip it down and start again tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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I sprayed mine to go anti-chrome. Get a multi pack of sandpaper from an autoparts store (something around 100 / 1000 / 2000 grit combo pack) and once you've knocked the chrome off wetsand to a smooth finish. I used Dupont Acrylic clear coat over Rustoleum Metallic Indoor/Outdoor. You can use Dupont Acrylic, I just found I liked the blue better on the Rustoleum. Then I hand buffed with a microfiber towel and some compound/polish. Took me 1 Sunday afternoon and the best part is if you screw it up, sand it down and respray!

Sorry for crappy iPhone pics.