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Originally Posted by DiscoZ View Post
Agree and with most of the article, some of it is harsh, but he is entitled to his opinion. I love some of the fanboi responses, they exemplify what the author is saying vs. belittling him. I have watched with disgust, the ever steady dilution of the ///M brand. Soon you will be able to get a "M-Line" 3 series that will look 95% just like a M3, a’ la Audi. The M5 with the sound through the speakers is a travesty as far as I am concerned - same for the X5M and X6M.

I really wish I had not sold my Z4MC - last pure car made by ///Marketing. Yes, the 1 Series M or whatever it is called is not bad either... at matching a 5 year older (and worse tired - although it could have been cup tires as BMW is fond of doing) Z4MC on the 'ring.
Off the topic, but got to say this: The Z4MC is a fantastic car and there is really nothing wrong in matching its performance. Having said that, there is also no match to talk about either cause the 1M is quicker than the Z4MC in every single performance department and on every single track including the Ring. I am yet to see any numbers of a stock Z4MC equal or better than the 1M. Not too much difference but there is still some. Just for the record and no intention to take the discussion somewhere unnecessary.