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Originally Posted by Peteypab2133 View Post
This is one of the exact reasons I think he wrote this. Just think about how silly this sounds.

These are $35-50,000 used cars and $65-82,000 new. Not $150,000-500,000.

He is absolutely right though, I love the M3 for its origins, not for its present lifestyle. The 1M was a down right monster in comparison to the M3 for the price.

Bmw knows by now that most of the people who own these cars buy them as a status symbol. They are heavy, slow and the body is now dated and finally coming with a new style... They have absolutely been beating a dead horse with all these stupid frozen colors, and orange, and now lime rock edition. They are never faster than the previous model as stated truth.

I passed on a 2011 M3. Bored of car shows full of 20" wheels and duck tails trunk lids. I wanted a platform that would be open for growth, and I had a hard time accepting $15,000+ in mods to run 11's.
I agree with you on the 1M, but lack of availability killed it, and the ridiculous prices they are selling for now is absurd.

As for your last part I can see why you didnt go with the M3 as your goal is to run 11s, in that case the GT500 is by far a better car for you. Im guessing your a past Evo owner based on your sig (I was one as well) and like your self use to be all about speed, but the M3 for me has been the most complete all around car i have ever owned. By complete I mean, its amazing to drive, its powerful (within reason), amazing handeling, comfortable, easy to deal with for daily use, prestigious, service department is great (loaner cars are awesome), ect, ect. Its got one of the best if not best all around owner experiences. I think thats what people forget, when bitching about just performance. What other brand can offer this experience? MB? too soft in the driving experience (make fast AMG cars, but the handeling isnt there and the cars feel soft), Audi? While the closest to BMW IMO, the AWD systems of the S and RS cars still make handeling not as exciting, Ford? cant touch the car in comfort, or service, Nissan? same as Ford, ect, ect.

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