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Originally Posted by US///M3 View Post
Yeah because when BMW offers old school performance...light weight Recaro seats, rear bench delete,wider wheels and tires, coilovers,a 4.4L NA engine they want $140,000 for it.

It's not like a choice between a Boss 302ls or GT500 at similar prices or chosing between an E36 M3 or a E36 M3 LTW. Btw i know a guy who purchased an E36 M3 LTW new,there were no trunk money you've talked about.i dont know why you keep repeating the ltw was a commercial faillure.
He had to travell all the way to Cleveland OH to get one at msrp.

The M3 GTS is well over $140k, geez i wonder why there arent so many takers?
This is the problem in a nutshell. When the base M3 already sells for $70K+ with common options, BMW hasn't left much room to build something harder and sportier without going over $100K. I know it's hard to accept, but it's just not worth BMW's time to build lots of hardcore variants right now when they need to focus on keeping 4 or 5 other "mainstream" M models current. So they split the difference by offering their hardcore car at a price point that will only appeal to the most extreme buyers and that will cover BMW's costs of doing so. As I mentioned above, even a $90K M3 variant is likely to hit stiff resistance given its true sports car competitors (and the fact that it starts like as a $40K car).