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Originally Posted by Smg Ftw View Post
I agree with everything you've said but your question can't be answered by the production of one car. I think many are asking for something widely available yet special. BMW has built a car like that before.. Just made it available to no one.

I find it hard to believe bmw wouldn't see a profit from a world wide variant of the GTS priced around the 90k-100k mark.
Indeed, it would be interesting to see how this would work, but I think at the $90K+ price point, BMW is going to have trouble competing without a proper sports cars chassis as a starting point. In that air, BMW will run into 911s, Vipers, Corvettes, GT-Rs, etc. most of which are designed from the ground up to be more sporting cars than the E9X chassis.

BMW's M roots are based on variants of production cars. I think that worked fine in the '80s because they had no real competition, but they are so many purpose-built sports cars in the market now that BMW may not be able to compete without a proper sports car of their own. I know BMW could build a real Cayman competitor, but they don't bother for whatever reason.