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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
simple example:

Make the "Lime Rock" limited edition with the following:
- The australian S65 version of the engine (+20hp, etc)
- Make it slightly lighter (add performance seats, additional weight)
- add the M5 like brakes
- add Euro MDM and other similar features

and then charge me what you are charging this current "Lime rock limited edition"
Sounds like a fun configuration, but I'm guessing your last line was tongue in cheek because you probably know BMW would charge at least another $10K to add these bits. So then the question is whether BMW would realistically sell many $80K-90K M3s with "only" another 20HP. Sales volume would surely be very low, so BMW would have to charge a stiff premium (at least $10K, maybe more) to make the effort worthwhile.

And remember, this variant could only potentially exist because BMW has already sunk 90% of the R&D costs into the existing base M3, so it goes back to the question about how to produce niche M cars at scale without the "tent pole" models.