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Originally Posted by highyo View Post
sounds like a guy who can't afford an m car
This is one of the exact reasons I think he wrote this. Just think about how silly this sounds.

These are $35-50,000 used cars and $65-82,000 new. Not $150,000-500,000.

He is absolutely right though, I love the M3 for its origins, not for its present lifestyle. The 1M was a down right monster in comparison to the M3 for the price.

Bmw knows by now that most of the people who own these cars buy them as a status symbol. They are heavy, slow and the body is now dated and finally coming with a new style... They have absolutely been beating a dead horse with all these stupid frozen colors, and orange, and now lime rock edition. They are never faster than the previous model as stated truth.

I passed on a 2011 M3. Bored of car shows full of 20" wheels and duck tails trunk lids. I wanted a platform that would be open for growth, and I had a hard time accepting $15,000+ in mods to run 11's.

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