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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
no....sounds like a guy who loves cars and is pissed off that what he likes is losing its appeal.

I think the entire article can be summarized by saying he thinks BMW is selling out. It's no different than all the snowboard/skateboard companies who changed when NBC and ESPN came calling to put them on TV....

It waters down the brand....there is no question about that. We can now buy a 3 series and a 1 series with M badges all over them even though they're not M cars....and have no more power than the non-M models.

It's not hard to figure out why BMW is doing it and how it works.

He exclusivity of the M is waning. Now it's for anyone who can afford it. It used to be for anyone who loved cars and driving enough to make themself afford it. That's a big difference.
couldn't disagree more. an M car is an M car. a BMW with m badges and a different look is just that. they have been making "m" packages for cars for generations now. why btch and moan about the limerock edition?

for the record, my "m sport" 550i f10 is so much better looking than the regular f10.

and my e60 m sport was better looking as well. do i feel like a poser bc it has a few m badges on it? no. why would i?