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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
I don't entirely agree with this. Yes they have to make money, but successful business models do not have to forgo convictions. Take, for example, Steve Jobs' stance against smut on apple devices. Media has been made/broken by the porn industry--VHS vs Beta being the prime instance. His position was to exclude porn from their devices as much as possible. Media history would say this is damning, but apple made it work.
While I agree with the beta/vhs point, I am not sure Apple was motivated by some moral POV. It is possible, but i think they exclude it for a different reason. Apple wants to own a share of the cashflow generated by apps as much as possible. Every in-app purchase gives a cut of the sale to apple. That is why you can't buy a kindle book through the kindle app anymore. You have to buy it through a browser (and send it to the kindle app) because Amazon doesn't want to share the revenues with Apple. The legal/reputational issues that could come from owning that slice of in-app sales in the porn business was maybe something that they were willing to forgo. It isn't like they block it on their browsers, not that I would know .