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Douglas W

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I think the article was spot on.

BMW should have taken a note from Porsche. When the end of the 997 GT3 was at hand what did porsche do? Build the most badass limited edition 4liter 6 cylider GT3 ever produced. The GT3 4.0 is a work of art both from an aesthetics and engineering standpoint.

BMW dropped the ball hard on this one, and its sad when BMW builds a 4 liter v8 that dyno's 345rwhp.

Porsches standard GT3 3.8 liter 6 cylinder dyno's 420rwhp and last Hooraa GT3 4.0 makes 455rwhp bone stock.

Talk about a slap in BMW's face. Porsche's 4 liter, 6 cylinder, Normally aspirated is making Supercharged M3 power.

So BMW building a limited run of "TRACK" cars with nothing more then paint and some stickons is a slap in the face.

BMW \\\ step it up.