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Originally Posted by Nandrega View Post
I can't believe a company in the business of making money would want to maximize its profits.

There's a lot of talk about the ' death of the brand' of M, but it sounds like a lot of people are only interested in the car because of the badge itself says M. To me, that says status symbol. Which is, in my opinion, no better or worse than bmw slapping m badges on a 328 or 335. If the 'M brand' is more important than the actual vehicle itself for some people, then why wouldn't BMW take advantage of that and spread its appeal? I guess a better question would be, (and im not speaking to anyone in particular), but would you buy this exact same car, if it didnt say M3 on the back? I would.
I concur! The M is supposed to be about the performance, and I don't think anyone can question that in the 1 Series M, M3 or M5. Yes many people will think that the Xline as an M is silly, but the X5M is a beast if you've ever driven one. And over-branded or not, at the heart these are fantastic machines. I would drive an M5 no matter what it is badged as. Badge seekers are why brands such as Infinity or Lexus exist, when you don't think Toyota or Nissan is trendy enough. I would definitely never put an M vehicle in that category. And if that is your only motivation for buying a car, you're buying for the wrong reasons.
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