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Originally Posted by rantarM3 View Post
What's the minimum height by which the car needs to be raised to be able to access the drain bolts? Would 3" all around be enough? I know I'll need make sure the oil drain pan fits under there as well.

I was thinking about getting these ( so that I could just drive on and drain the oil, without the need to jack the car up.
I'm gonna say no. I backed my car onto their two-piece ramps (took a few tries to get them correctly placed), raised one side of the front with one of the four lift points on a small jack to make room to put my good jack under the front center lift point to get the car high enough to remove the small jack and put jack stands under the two front lift points and then removed the big jack so I could actually get the drain pan under the oil pan.
You want the car level or just slightly nose-down so all the oil will drain.

You need height for your 12 quart drain pain plus room for an allen wrench, preferable a torque wrench... say a minimum 9 inches, and I think the pan is normally just 4 inches off the ground, depending on your suspension.