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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. He does make some valid points.

But I notice that, in one breath, he trashed the guy who actually planned to take his car to the track, while in the next breath he trashed people for pretending to be drivers but never taking their cars to the track.

He also laid into the non-stock configuration of the ALMS or Le Mans M3 race cars, but then utterly dismisses the Grand Am series - where real stock M3s actually do compete in the GS class - citing the Kia competition.

In other words the author does demonstrate a bit of hypocrisy, at least at some level of abstraction, and seems to really enjoy ranting.

All MHO.
I beg to differ...he's trashing the guys who tend to buy these special edition cars (with no meaningful track upgrade) the intention of tracking it. This LRP edition is a joke by all means and is not a lightweight track specialist.

He's also trashing people who own these high revving M cars but never take them to the track. These high revving M motors need to be at the track to attain their full potential...otherwise its pretty tame on the daily grind.

This explains why folks on this forum start supercharging their cars to get that low end grunt and higher speeds which is going against the historical ///M philosophy. Hell if supercharging the M was always going to be in the american muscle car like the GT500 would more than suffice for straight line duty and the occasional turns. The M division now builds heavy turbo charged cars which provide that low end grunt but fails on all counts as a sensory delight (be it steering or weight).

The beauty of pure N/A motors was the ability of the average weekend racers with some mechanical inclination to be able to work on their cars. With the inclusion of more and more sensors and chips to attain that performance.....the only place where M cars win the battle is in the hearts of software engineers and tuners with a penchant for the occasional DIY.

New M cars have no FIZZ.

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