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So I got my ECU tuned on top of 231E...

Currently running only akrapovic evo and the rest is stock DCT/

I got a tune and 231E update at the same time. Just want to give a shout out and thanks to Mike Benvo for hooking this up. He first updated my car to 231E and then flashed the tuned file onto the new software. As many of you already know, Mike is a really cool and down to earth guy who knows everything about this car. He provided me with great professional service and taught me a lot about this car while we sat there waiting for the files to load.

Features of the tune were: fuel remapping, vanos parameters, throttle mapping, torque management, removed catalyst deficiency, AND MY FAVORITE, Rev limited to 4500 until engine reaches optimal operating temp.

I kept the cold start and top speed limiter and stock rev limit in tact.

My initial observations fell a tad on the short side, probably because I've read a ton of ECU akra tune reviews and almost everyone is raving about it and talking about feeling the tremendous gains and such. I guess I was expecting this huge increase in HP/TQ and didnt feel it right away so thats where it got me. I also didnt do a dyno before and after so I can only go on "my feel" for the car, which is definitely not scientific, not quantifiable in any way.

I also don't drive this car daily and only drive it once every 4th week because of the rotation schedule so I may not be in tune with the car as others who daily drive it. Every time I get in it, it feels like a new car.

After driving a bit more and getting stuck in traffic for 40 miles all the way back home, I noticed that the car was definitely much more smoother in traffic. I hated driving the M3 in traffic because it was so jerky and unrefined but this was definitely a change.

Flooring it in 2nd gear was also a difference. I feel that the car is more willing to rev more freely and it just gets up there in a more linear fashion. Before, there were times when you get on it in 2nd and it climbs, u feel a slight dip/jerk, and it takes off..almost like a turbo or vtec kicking in but now it just goes far more smoothly, so i do like that.

I normally cruise around the city streets in 4th gear but this time I do it in 5th and i do feel the slight increase in TQ around 2.5-3krpm.

I definitely feel a difference in TQ around 3k whereas before it would have to go to 4k and above to get that feeling so im liking that. If i had to quantify it, Id say its probably a 5-10% increase at best. To be honest, the increase is not going to blow your socks off like FI but its a nice/decent change. It still wont let you keep up in a drag race with a c63 but it is pleasant in its own way.

7th gear on freeway cruising speeds is probably 3-5% better than before.

Overall the car runs smoother and morning cold starts are also smoother. Not as jerky and rough. I am pretty pleased with this tune and so far so good. Haven't had any codes thrown. Mike did tell me that it should have came this way out of the factory and I completely agree with that statement. You have a very refined machine already and for those of you who are very particular and extremely detail oriented, this is probably a great way to go as its just a bit more icing on the cake. If you want straight up raw power, probably FI is better.

Thanks again to Mike for developing this awesome tune and teaching me so much about this car. He's truly one of those who are truly enthusiasts looking to help out other fellow gear heads.