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Originally Posted by PIMP "E" View Post
from my understanding, this is a replica of the real CRT lip. i know you cant get one unless you have a vin(owner) number for a CRT or GTS. am i getting it all wrong?
the CF replica of the GTS lip is $1200 shipped. i mean all of these replicated parts are out of control with these prices.
The only GTS replica I would have considered is the IND one, because it's made from the mold of an actual OEM piece and uses OEM hardware to attach to the subframe of the car. The other replicas out there are just eye-balled from pictures of the GTS lip, and attach only to the bumper cover.

And again, that replica is about $1,000 more than what I paid for this lip.

Originally Posted by BMWJ View Post
check back in a week.... curious how holds up to your driving style
I'm sufficiently anal that I'm not too worried about the prospects of this lip Like I said, lesson learned during the first year of ownership.

Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
The quality of the lip looks top notch but I agree with what the others said. Is there any functionality to this lip at all? At least with the other lips, it looks like it might be adding some down force.
From the CRT announcement press release: "CFRP is also used to make both the rear spoiler of the BMW M3 CRT and an air-channelling element integrated into its front apron."

So, hopefully it's "channelling" that air upwards

Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
Yea i guess your right if you are looking for a mod your taste you couldnt have done it any better. BTW what other mods have you done... cant really see it on the photos. not sure if you have it already but i would get the rear trunk CF lip.... and CF side mirror cap...

I happen to like an aggressive look which is probably why i mentioned the GT4...
Yeah, I have the BMW Performance CF lip and mirror caps. Check my signature for a full list and link to pics.

Originally Posted by ROB_S2K View Post
Ya I see it and my RCRT Street lip is the same way. The lowest point of my lip is the lowest point of my OEM bumper. The only time you can hit this lip anywhere is if you take driveways head on. Otherwise it will be ok, well at least mine is lol.
This lip sits higher than the lowest point on my bumper, but it also sits the furthest out. As I've alluded to earlier, I'll need to be careful parking but dips and driveways won't be a problem.
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