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I have raced plenty of GTOs. I pretty much was surprised they aren't faster for the size of their engines. Remember, this is one of the worst track conditions in the nation. Almost 100F, and high elevation, and a 15mph cross wind.
Well there were four GTOs there today that were basically stock. Two red ones, one blue one, and a silver one. Most ran mid 14's. (Similar times to the E39 M5s) None broke 100mph. (Except the turbo GTO which would probably have beaten a ZO6. But some had exhaust and cold air, and of course my car is totally stock. Does anyone want to start a war with the GTO folks? Just post a link of this to their forum. J/K. There would be some real interesting responses. LOL. Of course I've got pictures of more runs, and what the other GTOs were doing. Just a thought for those of you tired of the GTO folks always bagging on the BMWs. I think a stock 335i would probably also beat a GTO on a road course such as Streets Of Willow, or VIR, what do you think? This would be a nice little tid bit for them. I have beat a few in my M3 which really stirred them up. But we were very close at Famosa. Some GTOs were a tick faster, and some a tick slower. My 335i is definitely quicker at LACR though. Yeah, I know, my coworker is going to be rubbing it in to me now that he just got his APS twin turbo set up installed. He wanted to come this weekend, but his MAP sensor was not ready, and with the MAF, it cuts out at 4000 rpm now.
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