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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
Nice. Yeah, I know that some ppl say those GTO 6.0Ls are very fast (and I've seen some decent GTO 1/4 mi. times on, but I too had a similar experience when I went to my local track; I ran 13.097sec. @ 106.67mph while a GTO 6.0L ran in the low 14's; my car had PROcede, the track is at sea level, and it was a hot and humid night (86 degrees F & ~ 65-70% R.H.). I know the GTOs are heavy pigs, but I think they also must really slow down in hot, humid weather as well.

btw -- I also had fun with another one (GTO 6.0L w/ an exhuast and who knows what else) on the street one day; beat him by ~ 2 CLs from a 20mph roll - ~ 80mph. Needless to say, when we spoke for a minute at the light, he was shocked!
low 14s? Yikes, bad weather and bad driving

Good stuff though, Lsx cars set the bar pretty high!