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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
The more I read the more I think McLaren had a base wet setup and had to reign it back for the dry race.

Also regarding Button, in the post race BBC forum Jensen said that after Bahrain he went a different direction with his car/setup and that it as a mistake. I found that comment interesting.
Yeah i keep reading/hearing that more and more as the season progresses i think back to when Seb went with the older exhuast and lost a lot of pace compared to Webber. when he returned to the current setup for this season he regained that pace and won bahrain.

Early on I though it may be Lewis' new outlook/demeaner or maybe the car suuited his aggresisve driving style more, but continually being outqualified and outpaced (TWICE being LAPPED by your sister car should not happen) should raise eyebrows that maybe whatever direction you're going is wrong.

He's still confident, or at least sounds it, that he can still regain his form from early this season. Hopefully he does it SOON. I'm tired of rooting for him to get INTO the points instead hoping he can get a podium! lol