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I am as happy as pig in mud when it comes to M cars, I have owned numerous M3's, but as a DD drive for work it doesn't work for me or my clients.

I have always had a X5 M-Sport for my DD and now I have a X5 M50d (746nm torque) with a sports 8 speed gearbox with paddle shift. The only thing different between my X5 and X5M is I have a 3 turbo diesel against a V8 with 2 turbo's and I have more torque.

The M3 is a road car, if you want a race car buy a race car, I just don't see any reasoning in why people complain their M3 is not the same as ALMS M3 or a DTM M3. If you want to go fast by a faster car and if you want a race car by one.

My fast car is a Ferrari and its still not the same as a track car, and thinking the car you buy off the showroom floor should be the same as whats raced around a track is ridicules.

The M3 is as good as it will get for the road, if you want to race it send to a Tuner and spend another $150k on it and race it to your hearts delight, don't just complain about it and as the saying goes "put your money where your mouth is"

X5 F15 M50d White, 20"rims, Yellow Calipers, Ceramic Pads. Better off saying what it does not have and that's a B&O Audio System, otherwise all option boxes are ticked.