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335i vs GTO 6.0L

I went to the last German Invasion, did pretty good with my stock 335i, 13.465 in the qtr, which was close to what the 500HP AMGs were running. The M3s and E39 M5 were running mid 14's. At 2700 FT, and a fairly warm day, (Mid 80's) I though that was pretty good. That was in May. I was dying to see what the GTO 6.0s were doing in the 1/4 mile. But since it was only German, cars, didn't see any Pontiacs back then. Well, today was a different story. I raced every GTO that I could find. (Except the turbo-charged one). I'm happy to say, that in the end, they were all coming up to me, asking why in the world my car was beating their cars, and what in the world did I do to make it so fast. They were surprised to find my car was bone stock (3800 miles), and on stock run flats, (at a regular 34PSI). Furthermore, I just drove around the waterbox again, and let the car shift by itself in DS Mode. The first 2 GTOs that I raced had Cold Air Intake, and Exhaust. (One had Borla, the other Magna Flo. No Stock GTO broke into the 13's. They usually ran Mid 14's. My best run on this hot day...95F-100F, 2700FT Elevation was 13.543 @ 101.318. I immediately backed it up with a 13.576 @ 101.357, and a 13.642 @ 101.794. Before I left, the temps were at 100F. There were fairly strong cross winds too. Well, the 335i sure earned some respect at LACR today! Which by the way, after decades, was the last day the racetrack was open. Apparently they are going to have a live band tonight again as the grand finale. There was a jet dragster that ran 309.59mph in that hot weather, that was some power! Sounded like a percussion grenade when it hit the afterburners.

The video, kind of shaky, but you get the point:

the end of another run:
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