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Originally Posted by M&M View Post

Hi there, quick update. I ran 11.2098 @ 127.3 mph at ODI Raceway, 4000ft above sea-level. I don't know why Drag times is showing as a track in the USA. DA was close to 4500ft. I think we should include DA in these lists as it makes a massive difference. This is what I ran at 7000+ DA at Tarlton, my best time there was 11.6 @ 125mph, but the traction was much better at Tarlton. But you can feel the added power going down 2000ft at ODI.

I don't have a video of the 1/4 mile runs ODI, but I have a video of the standing 1km run (0.6 miles) where I did a best of 170mph. This is is a run where I did a slightly slower speed as I sat on the rev limiter for quite a while (traction is an issue):

Hoping to run at sea-level soon.
DA plays a big roll in the 1/4 I think everyone should post theirs !
It will give people a good idea what to expect out of their cars when runing at different tracks and when comparing also !

Just look at my runs with the 625 in 6mt trapping 126.6 mph DA played a big roll in that ..