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Originally Posted by RayC View Post

bigjae1976 got me in the track scene here...the only track available isn't that great and it's 3-4 hours away but have to make do. :/
damn 3-4 hours away..but that will make it even more eventful!

Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
Sometimes this happens during release of the clutch as well. Sounds like you couldn't bring up your rpms when it was time to let the clutch out.

Often at the beginning it's faster to just stay in one gear all around the track until you are proficient in heel toe. Your lap times might be a little lower, but your cornering speeds will be higher. Once you get the h/t down, you'll be faster all over the place. It's the proper way to progress. That's what the above poster was talking about saying that instruction is good to help you sort out your learning. You either plateau quickly or get a bunch of bad habits that could lead to something unfavorable. Not meaning to lecture, but trying to provide instruction you should have had at the event.

At any rate...glad you caught it.
Yeah, I was not trying to do anything fancy :P my plan was to just go around the track, learn the lines and just get use to the speed but you know how that goes. Couple times around the track and you want to go faster and faster hahaha

I was in 3rd and 4th most of the track but in that long straight away I went up to 5th at like 130+mph :P

I am going to take it one step at a time as there is a lot to learn

Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
Sounds like a great introduction! Be forewarned, it's addicting!

You might try to dial back the power setting to Sport or even Normal on the track. This will make the brake/throttle transitions a little less twitchy, especially for the novice.

You might also consider running in MDM mode for awhile, seeing as you are just starting out. I run with DSC off and can honestly say that I am WAY faster with it off, however, that is after getting many track days under my belt and feeling comfortable at the edge. Having said that I will be driving a new track this weekend for the first time (Barber) and will start off with MDM for the first session.

You said it yourself, you got lucky! Sounds like you have good instincts, but hey its an expensive car, work up to it gradually.

Good luck, keep having fun!
I might dial the power back to normal but I want to leave DSC off. I do like DSC, it makes the car drive funny...

Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Welcome to the tracking scene.

I was at Thunderhill for the first time on June 15th and similar thing happened to me at that corner. Twice!

3:25 and 3:37.

In my case, I think I was going in too fast and turning in too early.


Nice driving! you are hella pushing it! fighting to gain grip :P