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Originally Posted by Dan@UnitedBMW View Post
It's a little disappointing, but I'm sure the FIA will allow the Z4 GT3 to become a GTE car replacing the M3. They bent the rules by allowing the Viper to run a 8 liter even though only 5.5 liters is allowed. When you make one exception, another will be made. Now it comes down to cost. Also, you all are forgetting that BMW is just starting the DTM. The start-up costs are always the highest. I can understand why they didn't go to Le Mans, but it's still saddening especially when Audi flaunts 4 P1 cars, 2 of which have F1 technology.
Yeah I agree with you about the engine issues. I don't think that is a big issue considering what we saw with the Viper. I think the bigger issue is the aero on the car, that rear wing on the GT3 spec is huge and I don't think that would work in GTE so they will have to rework some of that. That is a big investment to redesign and test the aero to make it work in GTE.

I also understand the huge start up costs that the had for bringing three teams to the DTM, but is that the reason for no WEC involvement or sending RLL to Le Mans? Or is their main focus going to continue to be on DTM? Let's see what next year brings, see if they bring the Z4 to ACO racing in the ALMS and WEC. Maybe they get Team Schubert to run in the WEC next year with a Z4. If they do return to endurance racing full force then I'll be a happy camper.

If BMW continues to race in the ALMS with RLL, it makes it easier to deal with the lack of support for this year. I hope that in the next year or two Rahal does get a shot at it.