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Originally Posted by PrimoM3 View Post
And you owned 20 (and 4 now) becasue they're all marketing, right? Yes, they market to a broader audience and sell more of them now. It's called a business, dude. Staying profitable means staying around, and the ability to continue innovating and bringing "benchmark" cars to market in the future.

So the Limerock is not the raddest Special Edition ever made. It's better than a sharp stick in the eye, and pretty decent kit for the price. All people do is bitch...
I assume you don't track your M3. If you did then you would follow what I am saying. Why name a car a "Lime Rock" special when there are no performance upgrades. Take a stock Lime Rock M3 to a DE and the brakes will be toast by the end of the day.

Yes people like me complain because BMW "can" make awesome cars and once upon time they did make cars that were great out of the box. They have choosen not to in order to attact a wide array of buyers. They have diluted the M brand as modern day M-cars are very porky. Nothing wrong with that but they should continue to make or offer lightweight and more motorsport oriented autos.