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Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
WOW, thanks for posting such a nice vid, hopefully i can bring my beast out to the track someday!!
Yeah, come on out!

Originally Posted by von_zoom View Post
Assume you are placing your left arm on the window for support to prevent using your hands to hold your body in place. I use a foam rubber sheet cover over the driver seat to prevent body slide which releaves some of the temptation to support your body using hands. Plus I wear knee pads on both knees because I try and use my legs to hold me in position, and it hurts to keep them pegged to the door and center console. You really need a five point restraint system when tracking this car.
Yes and no.

Yes, I got in the habit of doing that when I started tracking (basically, use my left arm to support myself on tight right hand turns as my body gets pushed to the left).

But, later on, I was told of a little seat belt trick wherein, I'd slide the seat back and lower the back rest, then lock the seat belt, and while holding the tension, I'd slide the seat forward and raise the back rest, 'til I'm up pretty close to the steering wheel. At that position, the seat belt is locked very tight against my chest and I don't slide around the seat any more in tight corners.

Anyhow, so with that seat belt method, I thought I had lost that habit of leaning against the left side for support. But, this SOW track is a rather small track with lots of tight corners and I didn't even realize that I was doing that 'til I got home and watched the videos.

Originally Posted by von_zoom View Post
Thanks for the vid. Looks like your were having a good time.
Yeah, with little tread left going into this track, I just wanted to screw around and have fun this weekend.

If I didn't have a seating/belt solution, I wouldn't be able to oversteer around the skidpad section like that without being thrown way out to the left and possibly not be able to reach the steering wheel.
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