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Originally Posted by demonshin View Post
hahaha there is a nice story to what happened...

Coming off a fast straight at like 130mph (pretty scary lol) I braked, down shift to 3rd, let off brakes, went to put my foot on gas but it slipped off as it was not 100% over the gas pedal, hit the brakes and at this point I was in mid turn which then caused me to lose traction and you know the rest...

When I started slipping I automatically went back on the gas to try and gain traction, shifting momentum back on the rear wheels...and got lucky! It happened so fast lol
Welcome to the tracking scene.

I was at Thunderhill for the first time on June 15th and similar thing happened to me at that corner. Twice!

3:25 and 3:37.

In my case, I think I was going in too fast and turning in too early.