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Originally Posted by demonshin View Post

Coming off a fast straight at like 130mph (pretty scary lol) I braked, down shift to 3rd, let off brakes, went to put my foot on gas but it slipped off as it was not 100% over the gas pedal, hit the brakes and at this point I was in mid turn which then caused me to lose traction and you know the rest...

When I started slipping I automatically went back on the gas to try and gain traction, shifting momentum back on the rear wheels...and got lucky! It happened so fast lol

hehehe you sorta got was just driver foot got nervous :P
Sometimes this happens during release of the clutch as well. Sounds like you couldn't bring up your rpms when it was time to let the clutch out.

Often at the beginning it's faster to just stay in one gear all around the track until you are proficient in heel toe. Your lap times might be a little lower, but your cornering speeds will be higher. Once you get the h/t down, you'll be faster all over the place. It's the proper way to progress. That's what the above poster was talking about saying that instruction is good to help you sort out your learning. You either plateau quickly or get a bunch of bad habits that could lead to something unfavorable. Not meaning to lecture, but trying to provide instruction you should have had at the event.

At any rate...glad you caught it.