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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I think CCW is x10 better. The track was designed to be run CCW and everything makes a lot more sense. Going through the gut check flat out into 16? Way more fun! Dive bombing into the sweeper flat out (maybe a brush of the brakes)...way more fun.

Not sure why the wall scares everyone coming out of 17...just don't early APEX and don't go 10/10ths through it. I'm more worried about the wall going CW. Much faster and then the curbing that could upset your car.

The launch going CW is pretty f'ing annoying. The only thing I like better going CW is that T17 and T16 give you another opportunity to slide the car with throttle.

Plus, its easy to find days going CW. Not so easy to find days going CCW.

I digress. I'll sign up for this and skip Driver's Edge on 8/9 Sep. I'll be kicking myself if TDE goes CCW.
The guys at MSR Houston are very relucant to let anyone without much track time run CCW. An inexperienced driver going head on into the wall at turn 17 would be very, very bad.

Personally, I prefer to the flow of CW to CCW, but that's just my opinion.
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