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Originally Posted by 335 oClock View Post
IQ test? Sure
I have my degree in Quantitative Economics and am working on becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst - I don't think you could comprehend those words or what either of those mean but - it means I'm pretty damn smart.

Anyhow, its all in the past and I am glad it was settled; but you gave me an extremely hard time.
I'm sure you do know this but.... degrees don't really help as much in the real world as they used too....

They help, just not as much as they used to :/. The world is changing. I wish I had stayed on my path when I was 18 and not gone to college... instead I listened to my parents and spent 3 years getting a honors B.S. (though they were enjoyable years and I met a lot of people, studied abroad etc...I would've been more successful had I not spent time in school).

FYI keik,... never send something until you confirm cleared payment. That's just ignorance dude.