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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
I don't think the arguement about bmw not bringing over their CSL/GTS/CRT engines is due to gov't regulations.

Too many other cars including Ford which made a totally new engine with the Shelby 500 (not totally but as different as a gts engine is than an base s65). They will sell as many shelby 500's as bmw would sell GTS's if they brought them here so that arguement just does not hold.

I really do not get it even from a business perspective.

I did read on this forum that bmw is going to be introducing the M cars much more quickly when a new line is introduced and this should enable them to have a few more years to bring these special upgraded Csl'-types to the U.S.

People also say they can't include new race-seatss etc because of crash tests. Well even cadillac V offers a few seat choices. Its really not hard or expensive. They should be producing the m3 and the CSL at the same time and price accordingly. No need to wait until the last couple years to have the CSL.

If they wanted huge sales, release the m3 a year after the new 3 series. Then within 1 year release the CSL/GTS and release it at a price point that is more reasonable a la' 30k extra, and produce many more of them over the rest of the life of the vehicle which will give them about 4-5 years of sales to recoup any extra costs.

purely business wise this makes the most sense so I do not get it.
It is over 1 million dollars to homologate a new model- what a car company chooses to do in order to spread that cost is their own decision.

Ford/ Cadillac etx. spread the cost of that "special edition" to other models so those that are buying that base model are subsidizing the cost of that special edition- GM has been doing that for years with the Corvette.

BMW doesn't work that way and never had. Each model stands on its own.

MB subsidizes "black" cars in the US as their "racing budget"- Is cadillac racing? No, do they have a parts bin from GM that has homologated engines and seats? Yes.

I do not understand why people can't grasp this concept. BMW is an independent manufacturer with a parts bin from only within. They are still a low volume brand with less than 2 million sales worldwide and only a few hundred thousand in the US. Reaching economies of scale for homologation in the US is not easy- they do not have the Chevy cruise that they can build an extra few hundred dollars into to support a special seat for the people that want a special edition 'Vette.

You all may get your wish though- BMW just may say we don't need racing anymore, all people want are supped up special editions to brag to their friends about at the local coffee shop. "Let's put the millions into subsidizing those hardcore "fans" and forget racing- heck we may even make pizza delivery guys happy."