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Originally Posted by keikdasneak View Post
Gave you problems? WTF haahahahah

Dude you bought a JB4 from me i sent it next day. You received it then i noticed that my paypal account didn't have the money due to me having a new account i had to verify it through my email. Which it was my mistake but you got your JB4 the next day! What are you talking about? You must be one of the slow members on the board.

As for court? What where you taking me to court for? LMAO

Get a life.

I think we should have a IQ test for all new members.
its not a coincidence you're reported on over 2 forums of this - and yeah; I was going to file a police report against you cuz you were making threats and not doing what you were supposed to do - verifying your paypal account - trying to make me send a payment twice to you...

IQ test? Sure
I have my degree in Quantitative Economics and am working on becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst - I don't think you could comprehend those words or what either of those mean but - it means I'm pretty damn smart.

Anyhow, its all in the past and I am glad it was settled; but you gave me an extremely hard time.