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Originally Posted by PINHEAD View Post
I had the contis and took them to the track, not bad but not as good as the Michelins, even the PSS which I tried as well.
Most M3 owners wouldn't know the difference if they didn't look at which tire they had, who you trying to fool? Somehow we M3 drivers turned pro and drive our cars at the limit on euro delivery to find out the potential of summer performance tires? Yes the Michelins are better, but Pirelli Corsa is ever better yet. Unless you are driving 10/10, for fuck sakes it doesn't matter.

Disagree. I found a huge difference between the Conti 3 and the PSS with regards to traction. This wasn't even on the track, but with moderately aggressive street driving. Probably about 7/10 overall. DSC interferes much less when on and there is more grip with DSC off.
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