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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
750hp is nothing nowadays IMHO. They are Civics out there pushing more than 750hp to the wheels.
If you have money, you can extract much more out of the S65.
Very true !
Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
All this big power is great, but the M3 is just not the platform for it IMO. The M3 is great as a 500hp car, when properly tired up. Beyond that, you need AWD for anything other than a rolling start drag at an airstrip. From that standpoint, I think the GTR and 911 turbo are untouchable as big power modding platforms.
M's when supercharged hold their own ! GTR's I really don't like & never did and takes seriouse money to bring out the most in them !
A supercharged M3 will outrun and FBO GTR at a 700whp power level to me that's decent

Now...... 911's that's a car ! I'll take that over 90% of the cars out their....