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Well as I said here I'm not going to try and convince anyone here that the 1M is what the M3 once was, and that on most tracks, which don't have long straights a ways the 1M can do better on some and stay close to the M3 on others, look it up.

The 1M N54B30T0 will pull out of a corner faster then an M3, its just facts and figures, 370tq @ 1500rpm vs 295tq @ 3900rpm and 400 pounds less.

This BLATANT lying about the 1M and heat soak is ridiculous. There have been ZERO reported issues of limp mode due to heat issues on the 1M with guys running all day on the track in 100F weather. I was in 85F weather on the track all day no issues. They have addressed heat issues on the 1M.

Great you passed a 1M on the track, I passed a GTR the other day does that mean the 1M is faster, no. That wasn't my point.

Glad you love your M3, but don't go lying about other cars to make yourself feel good.