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Originally Posted by MMMMM3 View Post
Have to take issue with your sig though:

1. Fernando Alonso 111
2. Mark Webber 91
3. Lewis Hamilton 88

You, being an Australian, deserve a better explanation from me about my sig after today's Mark Webber great victory in the F1 British Grand Prix... so, congratulations!

As for the explanation:

Nico Rosberg ----> The most reliable driver among the quickest ones
Kamui Kobayashi -> The great Late Breaker and the best one-on-one 'dogfighter' (a bit kamikaze sometimes)
Fernando Alonso -> The smartest one of the lot (probably the most complete F1 driver out there)
Lewis Hamilton ---> No particular strength or weakness (he's getting smarter though)
Sebastian Vettel -> No particular strength or weakness either but slightly less talented
Janson Button ---> The mentally weakest among the most recent F1 champions
Mark Webber ----> The mentally weakest among the quickest drivers, needs to be cherished (especially by the team) when under big pressure


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Anything different from my sig has got to do with different car performances (including reliability issues) and different team strategies... not with the driver.

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