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Originally Posted by Ender_ View Post
Wow, not even going to really try with this group, you've all obviously driven one (more then just around the corner) and know exactly what your talking about, good stuff! (If your sarcasm meter is going crazy then its working.)

Anyway, what I can tell you about it which is interesting is the types of people I see driving at the local track. About half the owners of 1M's in our city track it, at a normal track day event I might see one M3 (E9x) and I'm sure there are hundreds of M3's in our city.

If you want a GT car go for the M3, I wanted a track car so I was looking at the Cayman S or 1M.
The 1M is a good track car but so is the M3 and a better car, IMO, on decent sized tracks (like Calabogie by you as an example). Also, you can never get away from the turbo and the issues that creates on the track. I have been much more impressed with the 1M than I expected to be but you shouldn't make it sound as though the 1M is a "better" track car because it isn't. The M3 might be a bit heavier but the engine is better sorted for the track with a decent driver IMO. I'm not disputing that the 1M is a great car but the M3 is much more than a GT car and is very well suited for the track... my bet is the 1M could not keep up with the M3 on most tracks.

P.S. The fact that you see less M3s at your track isn't indicative of anything. At the track I frequent, there are tons of E92 M3s there. Last Wednesday there were 3 out of 12 cars (and 4 of the other cars were older M3s).
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