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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
Who would take that slippery slope knowing a catless/tuned M3 would be as fast but cheaper to buy and to maintain then a highly modified 335?! Also the M3 would have a far better resale value, more fun factor, more factor, more confort and a LOT more reliability! All that for a bit of savings on gaz and more torque a low RPMs, not worth it at all.

I drive my stock M3 daily and in normal driving I really don't need more torque and when I do a spirited drive, I'm not missing torque needer cause I got 8400RPM, what I would like is an other 50hp, something I could get for 1500$ with just test pipes and a tune. I would'nt trade my EDC for anything in the world, that's what makes the M3 the best all-around car! IMO the feeling of the M3 when you drive it is exepcionnal and that's its greatest quality, that's what kepted the M3 on top of its competitors(RS4/RS5,C63,IS-F) for so long and that's something you don't get when you buy a 335 no mater how much money you put in it! Just my opinion!

In the end, to me , the 335 is not a bad car , it's a bad buy!
You are responding to a unique case where maybe 5 people on this earth have spend $30K in mods on a car costing a little more than $40K.

Most 335's are like mine...a couple grand in mods (tune, meth, dps and LSD). I did this run two days ago coming home from work. Not even that good as I didn't even brake boost...started in 2nd gear. The 0-60 was uphill too...on a level surface I typically log mid-3's...sometimes better. Check out the 0-100 time as well. No bolt-on M3 can do this with 19" street tires. Takes a supercharged one plus sticky tires to get these times.

And you aren't getting 50 Hp with "test pipes and a tune" on your M3. You are dreaming if you think you will.

Face it, most modded 335s will smoke you in a straight line. Track? Well of course the M3 has the advantage. But the 335 as a bad buy? Please.
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