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Originally Posted by odiesback View Post
It sounds like things just went back the way they used to be.
Correct me if I am wrong, Golfrr.

I remember that M models were not available for ED, and it was
not too long ago.

The demmand, especially for the M3, appears to increase even more as its
end of production date approaches. My feeling is that BMW has to close
the stream of orders so they can retrofit the plant.

So glad I used the my ED discount to load the car instead of saving the money.
Fearing something like that I ordered mine in January for a June delivery.

Nonetheless, this sucks for the ones that waited for a 2013 or the timing was off.
M models have been available for ED as long as I remember, but at no discount whatsoever.

In that sense yes, we are back to the future.