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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
bmw suddently stopped giving allocations to dealers. It is not that a whole year's worth of allocations has already been ordered but that a door has been suddently shut. No allocation means it is instantaneously filled.
In other words the real new should have read:

" bmw stops unlimited dealer quota for ED of the M3"

short answer : yes.
My mistake, I should have been more specific with my question. What I meant to ask was: does this mean that all of your domestic allocations for the entire model year (2013) are already spoken for?

I would be surprised to hear that allocations for the entire year have already been taken, but it's possible based on low supply or extremely high demand. If Steve Thomas has any domestic allocations left for later in the year, they can always convert some to ED for those that still want to go, albeit at a lower discount than was previously available. At least that's what I understand from this thread.