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The last power mods I had them install was an AFE stage 2 intake and Powerchips performance software. The AFE was supposed to be superior to the GrouppeM as it allowed more airflow compared to the smaller GrouppeM filter. Supposedly this was also the setup they ran on their race car which at the time was doing very well on the race circuit. The Powerchips software was the race software tune to take advantage of the new intake, headers and exhaust system.

The last of the work I had done while the car was in Long Beach was to install a set of Ground Control lower control arms and differential shims.

Before I show the finished install pics, the story associated with this stall was when I drove to LA and started to make the track over the Grape Vine it started to lightly snow over the summit. Now for you folks in snowy areas you are like ok and this is special cause? You forget this is California and that white, wet water stuff is a myth unless you live in the Sierras HAHA. And to note it also snowed on me over the summit on the way home as well so I have seen double snow. Images as flows are of the car being picked up at the end of March 2006.

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