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Originally Posted by - Paul - View Post
Do you not think it's worth investing in a 3770K then? around an extra 90 in UK

My 460 is running at 800/2000 so is pretty fast - I may just get another, 2nd hand to sli. Or another 3 to 4 way ! (If I could afford that!)
Not at all. Invest that money towards a better GPU. At stock speeds (3.4 GHz), a 2500K won't bottleneck a 690 in most circumstances.

As for SLI, it's not worth it unless you already have a top-end GPU and are looking to spend more money. In 99% of other cases, SLI underperforms a single-card upgrade pound for pound.

I'd personally go with an SC 570 or 670/680 if you can afford it. I prefer EVGA since they're popular (easy to find used deals), transfer 3 year warranty, and are very easy to OC. Might want to wait for a bit for the 6** cards to drop in price with a new release, they're significantly more powerful than the 570.