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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
Let's call an apple an apple. if dealers have to use their own allocation for ED then they will push up the price to US delivery level and you still have to pay for travelling to europe to pick the car. this is NO longer a pricing advantage. If you pay same as US delivery why go through the hassle of picking it up in munich ? AND if you want to visit the Welt you can just book your own trip without ED either way you are not saving anything.
Canada has never had a discount for ED.

So the only thing we get out of it is a free car x (few) weeks free insurance while in Europe.

Which actually adds up to something, as renting a car like an M3 is quite expensive. And enjoying the autobahn and alpine roads (like Stelvio, Grossglockner, etc.) with an el cheap rental is kinda sucky. Plus the fact that cars like the M3 - considered "luxo/exotic" are usually not covered under the usual credit card insurance plans, so you have to foot for the rental company's insurance (at least a few hundred EUR)
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