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If you've been to a few local BMW CCA HPDEs, check with the chapters and see if they also hold Car Control Clinics and/or auto-crosses.

Our local chapter bring water truck and soap to wet down a circular skid-pad for our Car Control Clinics and it's a lot of fun...You can spend as much as 2 hours on the skid pad exercise which is more than enough time to hone your car control skills.

In addition, auto-crosses really give you a chance to experience losing control of the car in the dry and trying to regain control, so it would be another opportunity to "push" the boundary without the risk of doing serious damage to your car.

Lastly...This is probably financially inefficient, but I find the greatest learning opportunity for car control, is BMW's ///M school's rat race exercise. When they brought out the ///M school to Auto Club Speedway, I was fortunate enough to attend it on someone else's dime, and literally spend about 45 minutes on the oval shaped skid-pad and won 20+ challenges in a row...In that 45 minutes of trying to keep the car right on the border of maximum slip angle and spinning out of control, I learned MORE about car control in a single 45 minutes than I have in my entire life. And you have to drive as fast as possible otherwise you get kicked out of the car if the other guy beat you...The challenge aspect of the exercise forced you to learn on the edge.
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