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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
thanks for the review. I have to say you dampened my thirst for this car. If they took the driving excitement out of the car, then why even buy a M6? I think most ppl would be better off with the 650i. Anyways, perhaps the outgoing V10 M6 is the best combo of power and driving experience.

Just a quick edit, M6 competes with the SL AMG, not the CLS AMG yet, unless they release the M verision of the gran coupe.
You should always drive a car yourself before deciding anything. Remember, the op is comparing the M6 to his M3, which squews his opinion a bit. Plus, it seems all the latest BMWs are less tactile than past models. Apparently, BMW thinks drivers want a more luxury oriented car. Or they are trying an experiment. Who knows but drive it yourself. I am.