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I guess I'll chime in a little late.

I have a 2009 335i with CIC and I got the nav updated successfully. Here is what I did if it helps:

- Buy 3 16GB USB (or just buy 2 and format first when 2nd one is loading) and download ISOs from here ( I cant thank this guy enough.
- I had the FSC code from the dealer for free (dont ask me how). I am not sure how its working for some folks who dont have it(well lucky you).
- Inserted drive 1 in my USB of glove box and after a few seconds(you might need to go under navigation settings) update dialog showed up.

I definitely recommend USB since update is a hella lot faster and smoother. You dont need to keep the car running obviously but dont completely shut down the idrive otherwise you might have to start all over again. EDIT: If you do have to start again, it will just ask you to insert disk 1 or 2 to check where it reached last time. It wont copy again aka it will start from the last halted position so pretty cool. It wont ask for the FSC code again.

Hope it helps

Side note, does anyone know if the FSC code expires after a certain date? My dealer said its valid for 30 days and auto deletes itself. Is that true or can I use it to update to say whenever 2013 comes out?

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