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Originally Posted by TeRRoRiFiC35 View Post
But that isn't what happened, Chael was going after Silva the entire fight. He had every round won up till that submission.

The reason I hate Silva is because of what he has been doing lately, taunting opponents in the octagon and not trying to finish them. I forget which exact fight it was he taunted the guy for all 5 rounds instead of trying to fight him. Dana said he was considering kicking him out of the UFC after it which would have been justified.
True, Silva was COMPLETELY dominated in the first fight against Chael, but he never finished Anderson. He just controlled him from the top and pounded on him for 4.8 rounds... exactly why his dumb ass got caught in that triangle (which he's known for giving up).

That Dana drama was after the Maia fight, I agree, that shit was horrible. I was pissed after that fight. He ran around for 5 rounds, he only taunted him for maybe 3, wanting Maia to engage, which Maia would never do with his entry level striking, and Anderson's gay ass wouldn't commit to any strikes out of fear of getting taken down by Maia.

But fair enough, after that Maia fight I guess I see why people could have a reason not to like Anderson. But by no means would I ever want Chael, or any other wrestle first type of guy, to be champ.