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Originally Posted by US///M3 View Post
Well you said the M3 was a GT car now yet you couldnt figure out why the OP was comparing the M3 to another GT.
Btw a lot of M3 drivers trade their M3's for other cars like the GT-R that lack rawness,or cant be considered driver's car. There are many GT-R vs M3 threads,that's what makes car forums i guess.
i really enjoyed the OP's review although i kind of expected the outcome. I think his review was spot on.
The M3 is a GT car as is the new Boss 302 Mustang, C63 and a GT-R. The M6, the SL Benz, CLS Benz, Panamara, Jag, Maz GT, et al are cruiser GT's. To think that an M6 is as nimble or handles as well as the M3, 302 Mustang, C63 or GT-R is ludicrous. What I am saying is there are different types of GT cars.

The point of my post wasn't to the OP. It was to those that are trying to compare the driving dynamics of an M3 vs this new M6.

I agree with the OP's review as well.