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Brother had a volvo s60r 6mt for a while. That was a fast car. Turbo-5 cylinder with 300 hp stock, he tuned it to about 350 with just a tune. Awd so it was quick. Heavy though. He drove it to about 95k sold it a few weeks ago in favor of a 2012 ttrs. I think you could find a well sorted example with ~60k miles for 15k. Seats were amazingly comfortable. It looked pretty good for a volvo. He loved it and with regular maintenance he only experienced minor electrical gremlins (window motors were kinda crappy) and a few annoying rattles.

I would take a look and see if you can't find one with good maintenance history. Only thing I would be worried about would be the suspension eventually. It has an electronically adjustable suspension (designed by ohlins I believe) that sounds expensive to replace, but my brother told me you could just switch out the adjustable units for fixed ones when the time came. Good luck with your hunt.