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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
You could very easily outfit a MY13 E92 M3 to be exactly identical to this edition for a similar price, and do European Delivery or Performance Center delivery.

There's nothing about this car that can't be had from the factory or any dealer.
There are no more EDs for M3s at all not just this model.

It's really tough in the US to offer anything special bc of the need to crash test for different seats, the need for EPA for different engine etc. BMW is at the mercy of those things and if they offered 200 of these at $125,000 with different seats how many people would buy it?

There are no plug and play brakes for the E92 for fitment that I am aware of from the factory (GTS brakes aren't). Can't do the CRT hood (crash testing) so what can be done? Limited editions like this.

Out of all of them this is by far the most enthusiast oriented- it is in not a single package with no options this can be built as you'd like and it comes with all the M Performance parts from the factory- the exhaust is almost $5k installed, add the install and parts of the rest of the stuff and this is actually a value and it is Factory.